Online Giving

This safe and flexible option is one of the easiest ways to give to First Church in Oberlin! This method allows you to give a one-time contribution, make special offerings or order flowers for the altar online conveniently from home using your checking or savings account, debit or credit card, or you can set up a recurring draft that will withdraw your contribution from your checking account automatically, weekly or monthly. You can specify the dollar amount and the time period you desire. This is the automated giving program of the United Church of Christ designed to make it easy for givers to give. Once you set it up, it automatically deducts your gifts from your checking, savings, debit or credit card account on one or more dates each month.

To participate either:



The operating fund supports the programs and benevolences of the church, pays staff salaries and maintains our building. Thank you for your faithful stewardship.


Special Offerings


Memorial Gifts

Donating money toward the purchase of flowers for the altar is a perfect way to honor the memory of a loved one. A suggested donation of $30 is requested. You can specify the Sunday you wish the arrangement will be placed on the altar.

Larger memorial gifts are of course welcomed!

If you have any questions concerning ways to give, please contact Martin Buck at