BEYOND First Church

The members of First Church United Church of Christ recognize that the church’s mission extends beyond physical borders. We are connected to one another and cross boundaries of neighborhood, class, race, age, gender and nationality. It all starts right here in our church building!

We open our church each day to dozens of local groups and some not-so-local. Oberlin has a wide variety of opportunities for the community to be involved with. Some organizations that meet regularly at First Church include Oberlin Choristers, Community Peace Builders, Church Women United, and the Alzheimers Caregiver Support Group. The members of First Church also support organizations that are global, such as SEPA and the UCC Church Wider Mission & Disaster Fund.

If you come to First Church during the week, you may hear beautiful sounds from the organ, piano or other instruments coming from inside the Meeting House. This space is used frequently by the Oberlin College Conservatory students for rehearsals, recitals, and classes, as well as other musicians who are in need of practice space. 

Our church members and staff work alongside Oberlin College to maintain a unique collaberation and community vibe. Rev. David T. Hill, amongst many other Oberlin pastors, volunteers his time each week at Wilder Hall for the Oberlin College Office of Religion and Spiritual Life. Students are invited and encouraged to worship at First Church and engage in other church activities and Adult Education programming. Students are also invited each week to the Wednesday Night Supper at 5:45pm at no cost. 

Each week, First Church is also host to many 12-step programs in Lorain County and has meetings for AA, NA and Alanon.  

First Church has a long-lasting and strong relationship with Kendal at Oberlin. Monthly luncheons are held in which the pastor attends and occasionally leads worship at Kendal. Kendal United Fellowship meets on the second Saturday of each month. First Church members provide programming and all residents are invited for the presentation and refreshments.  

Members, friends and congregants of First Church REACH OUT through OUTREACH to care for one another, support one another financially and provide service to one another.

In addition to those listed above, these organizations are also supported by and beyond First Church.