Welcome to the First Church in Oberlin, an "Open and Affirming," "Just Peace," "Global Mission,"
"Green Justice" Church *

Founded in 1834, today we still emphasize our need to be centered in the worship of God so we may best accomplish the work of God. First Church in Oberlin continues to demonstrate an exceptional commitment to benevolence, mission work, and social action both locally and globally, through its individual members and its collective financial support.

We recognize our calling both as individuals and as the church to live in the world:

This is the challenge of the Church. We invite you to add your voice to ours as we seek to grow in faith so we might continue our heritage of love and justice rooted in the Gospel.

First Church Vision Statement

Drawing on our heritage, we will grow by being an intentionally inclusive, multicultural, just and loving community that practices relevant and inspiring worship, mobilized to collaborate with our wider community by opening our doors to be a central gathering place that is dedicated to healing brokenness in our relationship with God, each other and the Earth.

One of the most diverse Christian mainline churches in the United States, the UCC was formed in 1957 when several denominations merged. Now, the UCC comprises more than 5600 congregations with 1,200,000 members.

Each local UCC church writes its own constitution, creates its own structure, and hires its own staff, guided by the regional and national staffs. The same is true with issues of the day: Although the wider church entities encourage action, the local church decides what and whom to support. The overall mission of First Church is guided by an Executive Council elected by the congregation and comprising the Pastor, the Moderator, the Clerk, and six at-large Councilors. Standing committees, most members of which are also elected by the congregation, perform specific tasks or delegate them to appointed individuals or subcommittees. The Administrative Committees are:

The Committees Representing the Life of the Congregation, each of which includes an ex officio liaison member who is an at-large Councilor, are:

(*) For more information about the various UCC designations, such as "Open and Affirming" see the UCC Buzzwords page.


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