Masks are still encouraged, and if you haven’t already done so, please consider shifting to an N95 or KN95 mask. At a minimum, be sure to use a multi-layered cloth mask, or better still, consider double-masking.


Please be sensitive to the physical distancing needs of those around you and ask before sitting within 6’ of another parishioner.


Check back frequently for information and updates regarding the re-opening protocols at First Church.


For all of the updates to the COVID protocols, and how this affects First Church events, please see the PDF below.

First Church is taking steps to maintain our worship life and programming while keeping all of us safe.

Click on the video to hear David talk about the Protocols and Guidelines and how they affect some of the events at First Church.

Location Change for THIS Sunday's Worship Service


This Sunday (August 7th), we will be holding our service in Fellowship Hall. We hope to see you there!

Please Sign-up to Host Coffee Hour


The Fellowship Committee would like to try a new approach to our Coffee Hour after church on Sundays. We invite all of you to sign up to host on a Sunday of your choice. Families or couples can sign up, or sign up with a friend. Now that we are once again able to gather, we know that those in the First Church family are eager to socialize. The recent coffee hours hosted by the Fellowship Committee and the Slocums have been well attended and much appreciated. All that is required is coffee (provided by the church) and a beverage for children (usually lemonade). Anything in addition to that (such as hot tea, iced tea, cookies, coffee cake) is completely up to the host. Remember, the food and drink is just an excuse to see one another! Please call Sarah Colson with any questions at (440) 774-2538. The sign up chart will be in the gallery.

Thank You, Donors!


The generosity of members in providing extra financial support to the church is a continuing blessing.


Jiann Lin and Pearl Lin have established an endowment fund in their name with a gift of $20,000.

Another couple have donated $40,000 to pay for sewer repairs between the Meeting House and James Brand, a generous gift for an unglamorous project.


Another member sent a retirement check, more than enough to cover her pledges, and donated the rest. This gift will inaugurate the First Church Enterprise Fund for unanticipated expenses.


There are many ways to support the church! We are thankful for donors of all kinds!

Thank you to Norm and Ann Craig!


First Church has been honored to receive a substantial bequest from the estate of Norm and Ann Craig. Their generosity will allow us to prepay a large portion of the debt incurred as we renovated and rejuvenated the Meeting House and the rest of the First Church facility. The interest saved will more than double the value of their gift. Through this gift, the Craigs have extended their long commitment to the ministry and mission of First Church well into the future. Thanks Ann and Norm!

We Have New Hours!


Due to summer beginning, we are also going into summer hours. The First Church office will only be open from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM each day, Monday through Friday. However, additional appointments can be made by request.


Thank you for your understanding as we make this change and thank you in advance for respecting the staff's time.

Oberlin Community Services Back to School Drive Drop Off at First Church


We have been given our drop off box for the annual OCS Back to School Drive! It is placed by the coffee machine across from the office.


The drive ends on August 8th, so act quickly! Click the flyer below to see the items that are most in need and how to donate. Thank you for your consideration!



In recent sermons I've mentioned the need for all of us to practice the art of listening deeply to others, particularly those with whom we disagree. In the following article, Richard Rohr and Valarie Kaur offer some very helpful wisdom for how to engage in such listening. As we look to build bridges in our community and beyond, this spiritual practice is absolutely critical.


Grace and Peace,

David Hill, Pastor

There Are NEW Requirements for Making Submissions to our First Things First eNews!


In an effort to make our eNews more readable and shorten the length, we have created new guidelines for submitting posts! The guidelines are as follows.


  1. As usual, the deadline for submissions for the upcoming First Things First is Wednesday prior to 10 AM.
  2. We will not be putting in any non-First Church job postings.
  3. We will not be putting in any full flyers as the submission (however, we will put in a button that links to a PDF of the flyer).
  4. There is a word limit of 100 words for the text of a submission.
  5. You may insert links into the text post for more information, either by button or hyperlink in the text.
  6. You may insert PDFs (accessible by buttons) for more information, a flyer, or anything else that would be helpful for the post, but the document must be in PDF format. Any other document format will not be included in your submission.
  7. You may send one picture that you have the rights to use (i.e. a picture that is not subject to copyright, we suggest using the site
  8. The submission will run for a maximum of 2 weeks in the eNews. These 2 weeks do not have to be consecutive.


When sending in your submission, you must have


  • The title of the post
  • The text of the post (maximum of 100 words)
  • Which 2 weeks you'd like for your submission to run



When sending in your submission, you could have


  • If you'd like, one picture
  • If you'd like, PDFs (and what you'd want the title of the button that links to it to be)
  • If you'd like, the links for spots in the text post (and which word(s) you'd like to be the hyperlink or what you'd want the title of the button to be)


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to make our eNews experience more manageable for our readers!

Open and Affirming Committee Openings


June is Pride Month and a perfect opportunity for growth. ( The Open and Affirming Committee (ONA) has openings. What is the ONA Committee you ask? It is a committee without meetings. It is a team of committed people supporting the ONA Statement of The First Church in Oberlin adopted in 1995 and amended in 2013. If you want to help make sure our congregation is living up to the welcoming and affirming spirit of the following statement, please contact Marty Buck or 440-225-7160 or a member of the Outreach and Service Committee @ Let us make the ONA Committee an ONA Team!


We know that as the Church we are many members but are one body in Christ. Each bringing individual pieces and gifts, only together do we find completion. With Christ we affirm that we are called to love our neighbors as ourselves, and that we are called to act as agents of reconciliation and wholeness within the world and within the church itself. Recognizing the presence of ignorance, fear, and hatred in the wider church and in our culture toward specific members of Christ’s body:

We pledge to welcome people of all races, ages, genders, gender identities, gender expressions, abilities, socioeconomic levels, and sexual orientations into the full life and ministry of the church.

We seek actively to include and support those who because of fear and prejudice find themselves in exile from a spiritual community.

We commit ourselves to caring and concern for all.

A Progress Pride Flag now flies over the east entrance of The First Church in Oberlin. 


The Progress Pride flag was developed in 2018 by non-binary American artist and designer Daniel Quasar (who uses xe/xyr pronouns). Based on the iconic rainbow flag from 1978, the redesign celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQ community and calls for a more inclusive society.


“The arrow points to the right to show forward movement […] and illustrates that progress [towards inclusivity] still needs to be made". 

- Daniel Quasar, the flag’s designer.

Help Wanted!


First Church is seeking a childcare worker for the nursery this summer! Job hours are 9:30 am-11:30 am on Sunday mornings. Applicants must be 18 or over. For a full job description and application, click the links below! 

City Fresh Pickup


Did you know that we are a City Fresh pickup location? City Fresh volunteers distribute pre-ordered farm shares at The First Church in Oberlin every Wednesday starting June 15th. City Fresh shares are packed with fresh fruits and veggies from local farms, and they’re affordable! Pricing is tiered based on income and they accept SNAP/EBT. You can join City Fresh any time at, and choose Oberlin to pick up your share at The First Church in Oberlin!


  • Worship - Live Streamed and in the Meeting House on Sundays @ 10am
  • Children's Church (grades K - 5) 10:15 AM each Sunday. Will resume in the Fall
  • Summer Storytime - 10:15 AM each Sunday.
  • Sunday School (grades 5 - 12) 11:30am each Sunday (Hot Topic discussion on the 4th Sunday each month). Will resume in the Fall.
  • Friday Night Hangout (all grades) - first Friday each month from 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM via Zoom
  • Sunday Night Youth Group (grades 5 - 12) - last Sunday each month from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Finance Committee - 3rd Monday each month
  • Facility Committee - 1st Tuesday each month
  • Stewardship - 2nd Tuesday each month
  • Office Staff Meetings - Mondays at 10:00 AM
  • Book Group  - Tuesdays at 4pm via Zoom
  • Witness and Membership - 2nd Wednesday each month
  • Christian Education Committee - 1st Thursday each month
  • Outreach and Service Committee - 1st Monday each month
  • Executive Council - 4th Tuesday each month
  • Friday Night Hangout - 1st Friday of each month
  • Green Team - 1st Wednesday of each month

Faith Formation News!


  • Children's Church: 10:15 AM on Sundays resuming in the Fall
  • Sunday School: 11:30am-noon on Sundays (Hot Topic on the 4th Sunday) resuming in the Fall
  • Summer Storytime is beginning! Children are invited to join us on Sundays at 10:15 AM for a story
  • Friday Night Hangouts: First Friday at 7 pm
  • Sunday Night Youth Group: Last Sunday at 6:00 PM


As always, call Jen or the office to get a link for any and all of these events!